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Introducing solids

When is my baby ready for solids?

The UK government  advises beginning the process of weaning your baby onto solids at around 6 months, when babies show the following signs of being ready:

It is important to wait until your baby is around 6 months old and shows the signs above because:

The following behaviours are NOT signs that baby needs solid foods:

How about milk feeds?

Milk is still an important part of your baby’s diet until they are at least 12 months.  Keep offering the same milk as you were before starting solids. You may find that as your baby eats more they will reduce their milk intake naturally.

Keep breastfeeding if you want to!  Breastmilk is still offering a full range of nutrients and protection from illness so there is no reason to stop breastfeeding once your child is eating solids.

There is no need for ‘follow on’ formula milks. .  ‘Follow on’ milks are aimed at babies over 6 months of age, but there is no evidence of their benefit over the milk you were previously using, there may be some drawbacks (for example the protein is harder to digest and they contain more of the free-floating iron which bacteria thrive on) and they can be more expensive.

Full-fat (blue top) cows’ milk can be included as part of a baby’s diet from 6 months (mixed into cereals for example) but should not be their main milk drink until they are over 1 year.