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Breastfeeding my baby

Breastfeeding your baby can be rewarding and challenging…

…YES, at the same time! It is ok to feel a range of emotions about breastfeeding.

Now that your baby is here you may feel like all they do is feed and sleep. Every drop of breastmilk your baby gets will help them to grow and develop as they should, so well done!

Many mums find breastfeeding a special and rewarding experience, but looking after a new baby is hard work too. For some mums,  breastfeeding is one of the first challenges of parenthood.  The content in this section aims to support you to overcome some of the more common breastfeeding difficulties, and provide reassurance about what is normal for a breastfed baby.

Is my baby getting enough milk?

Signs of hunger and fullness Find out more

Position & Attachment

Sometimes finding the most comfortable and effective position for you can take a little time and practice. Find out more

Hand & Pump Expressing

There are a few reasons you might want to express breast milk and a couple of ways you can do it. Find out more

Breastfeeding in public

Public understanding and attitudes to breastfeeding are improving, so don’t be afraid to get out there.

Read More


Responsive feeding

Responsive feeding means feeding your baby in response to their needs, and not according to a routine.

Read More

Breastfeeding problem solving

Many of the difficulties that mothers experience in the early days can be overcome.

Read More


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Don’t hesitate to ask for help. There is plenty of support available if you need it.

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