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Bonding with baby

The early days and weeks with a newborn are a special time

This is also an important time for a baby to learn the world is a safe place to be.  This means that baby needs to know his or her needs will be met.

Feeding is the perfect opportunity for baby to form a strong attachment to their main caregiver. Holding baby close and making eye contact with baby during feeds lets them know that they are safe and that you love them.

There are lots of ways to bond with baby other than by feeding. Dads, or other key caregivers, might want to have skin-to-skin contact with their newborn baby so baby can get to know them as another safe place.

In our sections for other caregivers some Dads have shared their experiences of bonding with their baby without giving feeds.

Responsive Feeding

Feeding in response to your baby's cues can help them to feel secure and make parenting easier. Find Out More

Skin to skin contact

Skin to skin contact with your baby helps develop your bond. Find out more

Other Caregivers

How Dads and other caregivers find ways to build a special relationship with baby. Find out more